Books by L.P. Sullivan

Unlocking Ford Secrets

“Unlocking Ford Secrets,” written by retired Ford quality experts, will help suppliers successfully consolidate operations through the integration of all design, engineering and manufacturing functions for improved capabilities at lower costs.

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The Ignition Switch from Hell

In 2014, automakers in the United States more than doubled their previous all-time record for automotive safety recalls. The most prominent recall was for a defective ignition switch in General Motors vehicles that caused cars to stall and airbags to fail in a crash, prompting a legal, financial and public relations nightmare for the company.

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Continuous Improvement Through Cross-Functional Management

This book examines the legacy of Ford quality executive John Manoogian in developing and implementing product and process improvement methodologies at the company over his 50-year career. Chairman Bill Ford calls Manoogian "a giant force in the resurgence of Ford" in the 1980s and 2000s.

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